Bourn Primary Academy

Welcome to our school! The School Council has produced a short film to show you what life is like at Bourn Primary Academy! We hope the video gives you a flavour of the wide variety of learning, activities and fun that take place here at Bourn. 


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Bourn Primary dates from 1958 and is built on the edge of the village, adjacent to open fields. It is within walking distance from most of the village. The School serves a large rural area of about 24 square miles.

Bourn Primary serves the villages of Bourn, Caxton, Longstowe and Kingston and is in the catchment area of Comberton Village College, one of the best state secondary schools in the country. It is also part of the Network CB23 group of schools.

About Bourn

“In the summer at play time you can run around on the grass or just sit and talk to your friends.”

Over the last 10 years there have been two major building developments to the school and Bourn Primary is now a well maintained, single storey brick building consisting of seven classrooms, an art studio, a music room, small groups rooms and a fully refurbished kitchen. There is a central hall which serves as a gym, dining area and assembly area that is equipped with stage and lighting for drama and musical productions. Each of the classrooms is fully equipped with IT technology such as smart-boards and laptops for pupil use. A new library has just been furnished, funded by the Bourn School Association.

We are very proud of the awards we have collected, which include the Basic Skills Quality Mark, Sport England Active Mark, Healthy School Mark, NACE Challenge award, Becta ICT Mark and International School Award. These accolades represent a huge amount of effort by the staff and children, and are very well deserved.

Extensive playing fields and play areas surround the School with space for team sports and a running track. The two hard-play areas have tennis, netball and basketball courts for Physical Education, as well as cricket nets, an artificial wicket and mountain bikes available for pupil use. There is a heated outdoor swimming pool with its own, recently refurbished, changing rooms. The School is also fortunate to have a large, mature nature reserve in the grounds.

Music provision is one of our great strengths. We have a large orchestra which plays in public at least once a week and two choirs, one for each key stage. Individual music tuition is offered in Key Stage 2 for most instruments. In Key Stage 1 all pupils learn to play the recorder.

Bourn Primary is a Church of England School and along with the opportunity to study Christianity, children also learn about other major religious traditions.

We look forward to welcoming you to Bourn Primary.
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History of the School

There has been a history of education in Bourn village from 1520. From 1819 boys were taught in the church tower and girls received a more limited education in a nearby cottage. The church and the hall combined to build a fine school in 1866, designed for 144 children. Within three years 81 children were attending, paying 2d, 3d or 6d for their schooling. The old school was closed in 1958 when the current building was established in The Riddy. The old school became the village hall which has recently been extended and improved and we are very proud of our “new” school which has also seen many changes and improvements over the last 50 years.

More information about the village can be found on the Bourn village site.