Ethos and Values

Nurturing, Enriching, Achieving

Bourn Church of England Primary Academy sits very much at the heart of the local community.  The School provides inclusive education of the highest standard in accordance with our historic Church of England foundation. Children are taught respect and consideration for others, as well how to look after themselves physically, mentally and spiritually. They are encouraged to become agents for change not only for themselves but also for others. Bourn Primary Academy fosters an awareness and tolerance of faiths and traditions. The expectation is that children will develop as confident, organised, self-motivated and outward-looking; growing in the fruit of the Spirit, and embodying love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. The Academy values each of our children as individuals and our culture is one of nurture, enrichment and achievement.

Our Christian ethos is firmly embedded within our school values. Being a Church of England school enables us to nourish and support the values of Respect, Hope, Truthfulness, Forgiveness and Transformation, as reflected by our School logo.

Bourn Academy logo


This depicts a strong and jubilant child as a growing tree, standing firmly on the foundation of the seed (an acorn), which is the Word of God. Through these Christian values we aim to provide a culture of love, respect, humility, compassion and forgiveness throughout our school community.



“The distinctiveness of Bourn as a Church of England School is outstanding. The Christian foundation of the school is deeply embedded… Bourn’s Christian character and values lead directly to its high levels of achievement and attendance as well as having a significant impact on pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.”

National Society Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools Report, October 2014.