Rounded Education

Curriculum enrichment and extra-curricular activities
The formal curriculum teaching is supplemented by project work and specific themes (such as maths week), as well as other in-school activities (e.g. language days, French café mornings, history, drama or dance workshops etc.). A wide range of after-school clubs are offered free of charge. There is also a programme of external visits to enrich learning including inter-school subject festivals and workshops.

At Bourn we currently teach French throughout Key Stage 1 and Spanish throughout Key Stage 2 (to prepare children for Comberton Village College where it is now taught as the first foreign language).

Music plays a deep and central part in School life. Throughout the School the children are encouraged to take part in musical activities, including learning a musical instrument under instruction from qualified visiting teachers or singing in the choir, and over half of Key Stage 2 children play in the acclaimed School Orchestra.

Sports and physical education are led by a dedicated PE teacher. The School has football, rugby and high 5’s netball teams, which all play fixtures against other local schools, and participate in inter-school tournaments in athletics and swimming. All the children enjoy swimming in the heated pool in the summer months. Children are encouraged to learn to cycle and take part in Bikeability training in year 6.

Special Educational Needs Provision
Our School is an inclusive environment and we endeavour to make all our children welcome, so that they look forward to their School day. We respond to every child’s needs, recognising that everyone develops differently and flourishes with individual challenges. We work at all times in partnership with parents and, as a result of our high number of trained teaching assistants, we are able to provide individual and small group support to assist children in overcoming any difficulties. We also seek advice from other professionals where necessary. All areas of our School building have been adapted for disabled children. Our classrooms provide a positive environment for children with dyslexic-type difficulties.

Able, Gifted and Talented Provision
We regularly have children who demonstrate a significantly higher level of ability than the average in one or more areas of the curriculum. Typically, able pupils demonstrate academic performance significantly above age-related expectations in one subject; while gifted pupils excel academically across two or more subjects (e.g. literacy, mathematics, science) and talented pupils excel creatively (e.g. art, music, P.E., sport or creative thinking).

The School’s aim is to raise the achievements of all pupils by providing lessons which meet the needs of the most able: this can be achieved through targeted questioning, open-ended work, developing pupils’ independent research and inquiry skills and other strategies. Therefore the needs of Able, Gifted and Talented children can be met in most cases through normal classroom provision.

In addition to this, to enable them to reach their full potential, we plan individual challenges that stimulate and provide enrichment to learning. Teaching Assistants and Teachers support gifted and talented children in small groups, for activities such as creative writing and thinking skills. These individual challenges are discussed with parents at a scheduled meeting with the Class Teacher or project mentor. Optional creative research projects, carried out at home, can provide children with the opportunity to extend their knowledge of a particular area of interest, at times in conjunction with adult support. Able, Gifted and Talented clubs are held in association with Network CB23 (the cluster of primary schools feeding in to Comberton Village College and Cambourne Village College).