Charity of the Year: Stars

Each academic year the School selects a charity to support through fundraising events and activities. In September the children research different charitable organisations and choose one they think the School should raise money for. Each child presents their research to their class and then a vote is held to help them to develop their knowledge and understanding of democracy.

These charities are then presented to the whole school during a collective worship session and the School Council has the final say on which charity is selected.

This year the children have chosen Stars – for young people facing grief. Everyone will experience bereavement during their life, but for young people, the death of a parent or another important person in their lives can be terrible to deal with.

Young people need time to be listened to and to speak about their fears and hopes for the future, but sometimes that’s difficult when others in the family are coping with their own grief. It can be helpful for young people to have support from someone outside of the family, to enable them to share their thoughts and emotions, which if left unexpressed, can lead to anger, disruptive behaviour and concentration issues at school.

Stars’ counsellors, in Cambridgeshire, can help by listening and encouraging young people to express their painful emotions through creative play and work.

For more information, please visit their website: