Links to our Local Church

Jesus said ‘Let the children come to me’. 

The Church has long sought to support and nurture children in the love of God and the many Church Schools around the country are a sign of this.


Bourn Church – photo by Papworth Team Churches

Bourn Primary Academy enjoys close links with the parish church of Bourn, St Helena and St Mary’s and we are each enriched by the other.

The school pupils, staff and support staff are prayed for regularly in Bourn church and a number of the pupils and their families worship regularly in this church and in the churches of St Andrew in Caxton, All Saints and St Andrew in Kingston and St Mary the Virgin in Longstowe, as well as elsewhere.

One of the vicars of these parishes, Revd. Stephen Day leads an assembly in the school most weeks, often exploring a Bible story with the children in an interactive way.

When major festivals are celebrated throughout the Church Year, the whole school comes up to the church and we hold a service in which the children participate in word, action and song.

Throughout the year there are occasions when different classes will visit the church, perhaps for a fact-finding visit, perhaps to take part in an event which explores some of our rich Christian themes, such as ‘Experience Easter’, perhaps for a multi-disciplinary learning experience such as the Key Stage 1 ‘wedding day’.

The talented musicians of the school sometimes work in partnership with the church in events around the local community, such as Christmas carol singing for older members of the community and orchestral performances in the Church Summer Fete.

These links are continued out of school with twice-monthly children’s services in Bourn, the Christingle at Longstowe for which all children are invited to raise money for The Children’s Society, the Samaritan’s Purse Christmas Shoebox Appeal and in the highly popular summer holiday club and the beautiful Christmas Nativity event on a local Bourn farm.

The Church also contributes to the good governance of the school through the provision of up to three Foundation Governors.

The Church supports the school in its aims of Nurturing, Enriching and Achieving with the prayer that each child will find a place to flourish with their God-given potential.