Art and Design

Art and Design plays a key role in our Enrichment Curriculum as we encourage pupils to think creatively and express themselves through the medium of Art from an early age.

At Bourn, children have the opportunity to work using a variety of mediums and we embrace new technology as well as ensuring traditional skills are taught and developed. We are currently holding a photography contest based on Nature and are excited to see what fabulous photographs the children will have produced. See here for further details. NB. The closing date has now been extended to the 10th May so keep snapping!


The gallery of photographs below will guide you through a year in Art and Design at Bourn Academy.


We are fortunate to have a group of very talented parents and members of the wider community who are keen to offer their time and share their skills with us.

We are also fortunate to be able to work closely with local charity Accessart  who have worked with us on several projects both within school and within our local network of schools. Their work has ranged from polar bear modroc sculptures in an after school club to a loom band sculpture which featured on Newsnight!