Chinese Maths Teacher Exchange

Bourn Primary Academy is delighted to be part of the Maths Hub within Cambridgeshire. The NCETM and DfE are funding this national exchange programme with China which is creating 34 Maths Hubs to help improve the standard of maths in schools in England.

In September 2014 Mrs Wheatman went to Shanghai, along with 73 other teachers from across the country, to conduct some research into how primary school children are taught maths in China. This trip was then followed up by the exchange visit to Bourn Primary from a Chinese teacher, Ms. Yin.  The teachers worked closely together in developing and applying the new methods and materials for teaching Maths, delivering Chinese maths lessons to both year 2 and year 4.


The project has been a huge success, providing us and local schools with many ideas for our future development of the teaching of mathematics.


Mrs Wheatman has also been working closely with a colleague from the Histon and Impington Junior School. While they were both based in a Chinese primary school they liaised with the local university there to develop their knowledge and understanding of how mathematical concepts are taught from a very young age in China.

The aim of the Maths Hubs is to:

  • lead on national innovation projects
  • develop and support the recruitment of maths specialists into teaching
  • support trainees and other maths teachers
  • co-ordinate and deliver continuing professional development (CPD) and school-to-school support
  • ensure maths leadership is developed
  • help maths enrichment programmes to reach a large number of pupils from primary school onwards

Each centre will be coordinated by a lead school that will be responsible for:

  • establishing and co-ordinating the hub steering group to provide strategic and operational leadership
  • identifying and nurturing a wider group of partners that can provide specialist support, such as NCETM PD Leads, Mathematics SLEs, university researchers, subject associations, and experts from independent CPD providers
  • developing, implementing, monitoring and reporting on the hub’s annual action plan
  • communicating with schools and colleges to both identify the support required and communicate the support being made available

This project will allow subject leaders to use the evidence gathered from the research to develop the teaching and learning of Maths in our own schools, and eventually to improve the overall standard of education in this subject for all children across the country.

More information about this project can be found on the BBC website and also on the Cambridge Hub site.