The Eco Council

Our school is part of Eco-Schools, a global initiative which provides a unique opportunity that empowers pupils to lead change within their school and have a positive impact in their wider community. This programme encourages pupils of all ages and abilities to work together to develop their knowledge and environmental awareness.

The Eco Council is made up of two representatives from each year group and the council is re-appointed each year. Those wishing to stand for election must write a short application explaining why they would like to be a member of the Eco Council.

The Council meets twice each half term. Children share responsibility with adults for running meetings and keeping a record of meetings. Meeting minutes are displayed on the Eco-Board in the foyer. There is representation from parents, governors and senior management on the Eco Council.

Eco Councillors ensure that there is communication to and from the Eco Council and the rest of the school.

In 2019/20 we will be working to gain the Bronze and Silver Eco-Schools Awards.