Peer Mediators




Year 6 pupils here at Bourn act as ‘Peer Mediators’ to help children throughout the school to resolve playground disputes and to be available to any children who should wish to talk to them about an issue or concern. The Maple Mediators, as they are known, have been trained in conflict resolution and questioning techniques during their PSHE lessons and they recognise that they must always make it clear to every child they speak to, that they will have to report anything they find to an adult.



The Maple Mediators make the following promises:

  • To not take sides.
  • To not tell anyone what to do.
  • To not ‘tell tales’ or gossip about any of their conversations.

In turn, the Maple Mediators ask each of the children they help:

  • To talk one at a time and not interrupt each other.
  • To speak from their own point of view and not blame or accuse other children of anything.
  • To not overreact and to think about the other person’s feelings.

The aim of the initiative is to encourage pupils to come forward should they feel that they have witnessed or been subjected to an incident of bullying and to prompt children to consider their own behaviour in school.