Reception – Class Acorn

Welcome to Class Acorn! We love playing, exploring and learning in our indoor and outdoor spaces so when you come to visit us make sure you bring a jacket! We are lucky to have a collection of iPads to enhance our learning in the classroom and in our outdoor learning spaces we have a role play kitchen and a Music Garden. You can learn more about our learning this year on the Curriculum page.

Enrichment Curriculum

Me, Myself and I

During this term, class Acorn will explore the topic Me, Myself and I. The children will enjoy getting to know each other and their new environment as well as exploring their interests. As they build relationships with their peers, the children can enjoy sharing their own experiences, feelings and opinions. They will have fun making music to reflect their feelings, explore their senses and will enjoy sharing baby photos, discussing how they have changed. This will lead to children writing ‘I can do’ books to promote self-esteem. Pupils will also create maps of their bodies, homes, families and their favourite places after reading ‘My map’ book by Sara Fanelli. In addition to this, we will also be observing environmental changes in the school grounds as we head into Autumn and we will learn about food waste recycling as we celebrate Harvest.