School Council

Bourn has an active School Council, comprising four children from Year 6 and two children from every other year group (elected by their classmates), which provides an excellent opportunity for children to say what they think about ideas, as well as putting across ideas of their own to improve the School.

Examples of its impact have been the renovation of the changing rooms, the purchase and decoration of a ‘friendship bench’ in the playground, the choice of additional play equipment and the recommendation to introduce a distinctive, designated uniform for Year 6 pupils. The School Council is also responsible for selecting the charity we support each year as a whole school.

Last half term the School Council put forward their suggestions for after school clubs for the remainder of the year and they carried out some research into school lunches and the reasons why some children choose not to have them. During the Summer term the School Council will be meeting the new Maple Safety Officers to learn about morning drop-off and if there is anything we need to improve. They will also be thinking about their role in the school community and will be putting together a guide to help next year’s School Council members ‘hit the ground running’.

The 2018-2019 School Council can be seen below.