Year 5 – Class Cherry

On this page you will find out about our learning here in Class Cherry. You can learn more about our learning this year on the Curriculum page.


In English this half term, we have been learning about narrative poetry. We are studying ‘The Highwayman’ by Alfred Noyes. Click on the book cover below to read the poem.

Enrichment Curriculum

The Tudors

This term’s Enrichment Curriculum is set against the backdrop of Tudor England. The children will learn about the main changes during the Tudor period that affected and moulded British history. The unit will start at the end of the Middle Ages and will look at the War of the Roses and the formation of a new monarchy. It will continue with a study of the key characters of the age, such as Henry VIII, his wives and children and their differing approaches to ruling the land. Through studies of the King and his many wives, children will also learn about religious reformation and the dissolution of the monasteries, as well as the divided opinion of the public themselves and the punishment meted out to those who opposed the realm.


In Class Cherry this half term, we are learning about ‘Space’. We have written balanced arguments about whether or not the earth is flat and we found out about Stephen Hawking and his life.