What to do if you have a concern

We try our hardest to provide the best education and care for your children and the best service for you as parents. However, we know that we will not always get things right and from time to time you may have a concern about an aspect of school. There may also be times when you need to seek advice in relation to your child’s educational, social or emotional difficulties. There are also occasions when children fall out, or have difficulties with each other and we understand that this can be very upsetting for children and therefore also for parents.

If you have concerns, please speak first to your child’s teacher, who knows your child best. Teachers are available for short impromptu chats after school, and longer appointments can be made by speaking directly to the teacher or via the office (office@bourn.cambs.sch.uk). If something is worrying you, please do not wait for a parent consultation appointment – we would much rather address an issue sooner rather than later.

If your issue is not satisfactorily addressed by the class teacher, please make an appointment to see either of the Assistant Headteachers (Helen Culley or Sarah Wheatman) or the Headteacher (Laura Latham) by emailing the office on the address above who will seek to resolve the issue. If your query relates to Special Educational Needs, you can also contact Karen Falkner, Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator by emailing via the office.

As a teaching team, we have well over a 100 combined years of working with children! We have dealt with a wide range of social, emotional, educational and safeguarding issues and can offer advice and support to parents and children. We are also able to refer to a range of additional services, so please do not hesitate to contact us.