Newsletters from the Head 

May 2019

From the Head Teacher

Dear parents and carers,
Welcome to the Summer term and hopefully, some warm and sunny weather. This term is always a busy one and full of exciting and important events.

Staffing changes
We are delighted that Mrs Gawthrope will be returning to school after her maternity leave at the beginning of next half term. She will be returning part time and Mrs Alexander will continue to teach the class for the rest of the week for the final half term of this academic year. Mrs Smith will be leaving us at the end of this year as she and her family are moving back to Chicago, where they have previously lived. We will be advertising for a teacher to start in Key Stage 2 from September 2019. Georgina will also leave at the end of the summer term in order to work full time on the family farm. Both Mrs Smith and Georgina will be greatly missed but I am sure you will join me in wishing them well for the future.

Swimming lessons
The swimming pool is currently in the process of being commissioned and we hope to start lessons from next week. All children will have two lessons a week, taught by Mr Gawthrope. Please be aware that there may be times when lessons do not take place, for instance if the weather is not suitable or if the chemical and PH balance is not within acceptable limits.

Summer Uniform
Some parents have asked for clarification on the expectations for shoes worn in the summer term, particularly regarding footwear. Shoes for both boys and girls should be practical and sensible. Open-toed sandals should not be worn. More details about the uniform can be found on the Uniform page of the website.

Hot Weather Guidance
When the weather does eventually get hotter, it will be important that we protect children from the harmful effects of UV rays and excessive heat. Please can you ensure that your child has suncream on before they come to school and that they bring a named bottle of suncream to school with them which they are able to use and apply independently. Please can all children also bring with them a named sunhat, which they should wear for outdoor activities. Baseball hats are no longer recommended as being appropriate as sun hats for children in school but Legionnaire style hats offer protection for the neck as well as head.

After School Clubs
We are continuing with sporting and outdoor clubs this term. Mr Gawthrope will be holding a running club for KS2 – aiming to train up runners to enter Bourn to Run! He will also take a KS1 athletics club, which will also involve running. Netball club continues with Mrs Smith and Mrs Alexander. There are two clubs utilising the Nature Reserve, one each for KS1 and 2. Year 6 will be using Enterprise Club to prepare and organise resources for the Y6 Fete. I am sure you will join me in thanking the teachers for running these clubs after school. From next term, we would like to widen the opportunities available by inviting other organisations and parents who have a particular area of expertise to run new clubs. If you would be interested in running a club yourself, or have any ideas, please do email the office with your suggestions.

Children’s Photography Competition – ‘Nature’
We have already received lots of stunning entries for this competition. As we have had to move the judging date back slightly, we are able to extend the deadline for entries to 10 May, so more time to get snapping over the Bank Holiday weekend! Please send in your child’s entries to the office.

Teacher Professional Development Days – Information
As you know, each year, there are 5 professional development days for teachers; we have had one at the start of this term and the next will be on 24 May. During the first day, teachers spent time discussing the principles upon which we should base our curriculum. We looked at the values of the school and the learning behaviours we wish to develop in our children. These will be further discussed with Governors and we will be sharing our proposals with children and parents before their final implementation. Further information on this will be shared in due course. We have also started to review our Marking and Feedback Policy. Marking makes up a huge part of teacher’s workload and therefore we need to ensure that it is as effective as possible and based on research. We are at the stage of reading research and discussing what we feel is both effective and right for our school before we make any changes. The Professional Development session on 24 May will be focused on developing the Restorative Approach within school and parents will be given more information on this and
how it works in a school after the half term holiday. We will also be having training on the teaching of art – an area in which we feel we would like to develop further in school. I hope you find this information useful, and if you have any comments or questions, do please get in touch.

Diary Dates
There are a large number of activities this term. The dates are attached. There will be more information about particular events (eg Sports Day) nearer the time.
Best wishes,

Mrs Laura Latham

Head Teacher

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