Newsletters from the Head

July 2017

From the Head Teacher

We have come to the end of another very busy year and once again must bid farewell to a group of Year 6 pupils. Three of the children are moving on to Cambourne Village College, two to The Stephen Perse, one to Swavesey Village College and another to City of Ely College, whilst the remaining 19 will be attending Comberton Village College. They are all well prepared and ready for this move and their ability and confidence was evident yesterday evening when they performed the musical ‘Robin Hood and the Sherwood Hoodies’ ‘to family, friends and members of the community.

Miss Kat Bates and Mr Peter Edwards, both of whom are moving on to pastures new, presented the Leavers’ gifts at the end of the evening. This was especially poignant as Miss Bates taught these children in the Reception Class in her first year of teaching, and the same group formed Mr Edwards’ class last year.  Di Gunn, who has been a part-time teaching assistant at Bourn Primary for 12 years, is leaving to take up a permanent appointment at Elsworth Primary School. They have all been highly valued members of our Staff team and we will miss them greatly. Many of you met our 4 new teachers, Mrs Ellie Tagger, Miss Cherish Newns, Mrs Claire Smith and Mrs Karen Faulkner when they were in school for the ‘Moving-on’ morning. They are all looking forward to joining the team in September.

There is some very minor maintenance work planned in Classes Maple and Cherry during the summer holiday.  Tarn Garner and the cleaners will, of course, be carrying out a deep clean and making everything spic and span for the new school year.

You will have heard and read about the challenges that schools are facing due to the current lack of funding. We are finding it increasingly hard to maintain the School building, the staffing levels we need to provide appropriate teaching and supervision and the learning materials needed to support our work. The Governors try hard to ensure we are able to balance our budget but we are all fearful of what lies in the future. Hopefully the announcement earlier this week that schools are to receive more funding will help alleviate this difficulty. We are, of course, very lucky to have wonderful support from both the Bourn School Association and so many people within the local community, all of which helps us to soften the impact of the shortage of statutory funding.

The dates for assemblies and special events, including parent consultation evenings, will be sent out at the beginning of next term. However, the “Essential Guide to the Year ahead “ information evening for parents will take place on Tuesday, 19th  September at 7.30 pm, so please put this date in your diary as the event will provide a great opportunity to find out about the new curriculum and the day-to-day happenings in each class. The evening is for all parents and not just those new to the School.

I know that many of you will be planning to buy new school shoes for your children for the Autumn term. With this in mind please continue to be aware of the policy regarding footwear.  All children are required to wear black shoes for school.  Trainers are only to be used for PE, and not worn as regular footwear. This requirement is included in the Home/School policy, which will be sent to every parent in September.

More often than not we have a problem with head lice in various classes throughout the school. To help minimise this problem we ask that all long hair is tied up during the school day.

On behalf of all the members of staff I would like to wish everyone an enjoyable and restful holiday. Thank you for all your help and support. I look forward to seeing most of you on 4th September, for the start of our new and exciting school year.

Christine Page
Head Teacher

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