Newsletters from the Head 

September 2019

Dear parents and carers,

Welcome back, and a very warm welcome to the parents of all our new children.
I have been so impressed with the way in which the children have settled back into the routines of school with such positive attitudes and enthusiasm. They are enjoying getting to know their new teachers and being in a new classroom, and the new Year 6 children have started as they mean to go on by setting such a good example to the younger children. It has been lovely for us all to see each other again and catch up with news and I am delighted to let you know that Mrs Tagger had a baby girl earlier this week!

Those of you who have already been into school will have noticed some changes to the environment. Over the summer holidays, there was a 4 day working party where parents, staff, governors and children came to redecorate large areas of the school, including Acorn and Willow classrooms and their corridor, the entrance hall, part of the main hall and the KS2 corridor. The difference this has made is amazing and I would like to thank all of those who either helped or donated money towards the cost of this. The children have absolutely loved seeing the new and exciting colours and the other little surprises around the school, particularly the Music Installation in the entrance hall, which was designed by Suzanne Armitage, our extremely creative music teacher.

Thank you to all those parents who contributed to our parent survey and the results of this will be shared soon. One common theme was that we send too many emails. It is a difficult balance to strike between communicating too much and not enough! As a result of this feedback, we will now be using our website more extensively to replace emails wherever possible to avoid filling up your inboxes. From next week, Bourn Bistro menus and Weekly Reviews will be accessed via the website. We will also be developing the class pages further so that all the day to day information you need will be there. We are aiming for the website to be the first port of call for most information, which in turn will reduce the number of emails that the office receive daily. If you have any feedback on how we can make the website more useful, and any additional information you would like to see included, please let us know.

We have formally launched our new House system which was introduced to the children at the end of last term, along with Merits which the children earn for their House. We will be giving more information about this and our new Values and Vision at the Information Evening on Wednesday the 11th of September at 7pm. This will include a short presentation in the hall by the Governors and me, followed by a ‘Guide to the Year Ahead’ presentation in each class, where your child’s teacher will share useful information about the class, timetables, homework etc. This 20 minute presentation will be repeated to allow parents to attend more than one class. These presentations will be on the school website for future reference. We are also aiming to set diary dates for the whole school year as far in advance as possible and these will be shared via the website.

Best wishes,

Mrs Laura Latham
Head Teacher

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