4th October

Weekly Reviews

Each week, a Weekly Review will appear here from each Class. These will give you an overview of what children have been learning and experiencing in each class. They will also contain details of key dates and homework. For more information, please look at your child’s class pages, in the Pupil section.

  1. Acorn Class 04.10.19
  2. Willow Class 04.10.19
  3. Hazel Class 04.10.19
  4. Cedar Class 04.10.19
  5. Rosewood Class 04.10.19
  6. Cherry Class 04.10.19
  7. Maple Class 04.10.19

Congratulations to our ‘Values Award’ winners:

Congratulations to our ‘Above and Beyond Award’ winners:


After every community assembly a certificates are awarded to two children in each class for special achievements throughout the week. One certificate per class goes to a child who has excelled in a particular aspect of the school’s values and the other goes to a child who has gone above and beyond what is expected. These can be academic achievements or personal or social achievements.