Bourn Church of England Primary Academy

Art & Design

Year 3 Symmetry in Art Unit 

The art curriculum at Bourn seeks to teach children at the earliest stage the skills needed to become successful artists. From Early Years, children are taught how to hold pencils and paintbrushes correctly and to observe as they draw, and are introduced to important art and artists. From Year 1, children learn how to draw in pencil, using shade and placing items in front and behind each other. They learn how to use watercolours and proper watercolour brushes and build on these skills throughout both Key Stages.

As children move through the curriculum, they are introduced to key artists and artistic movements and learn about Impressionism, Abstract Art, Pop Art and learn to question what art is by discussing the work of Banksy, Damien Hurst and Greyson Perry. They learn about sculpture, starting their journey using clay in Year 1 and developing this throughout Key Stage 2 when they make their own abstract sculptures. Children work with textiles – sewing, embroidering and printing on fabric, including learning about Adinkra prints from Ghana.

Children learn how to use collage to create pictures of nature and of buildings, and create landscapes using different skills.

Throughout the art curriculum, links are made with other areas of learning, for instance, the unit on Islamic Art in Year 5 complements learning in history on the Early Islamic Civilisation, and in RE on Islam in Year 3 and 4.

The documents on this page outline in more detail the Intent of the Art curriculum, and what is taught and in what order (Art Curriculum Overview)

Art Curriculum IntentArt Curriculum Progression