Bourn Church of England Primary Academy


The Computing Curriculum for 2021/22 follows the advice in the document, ‘Teaching a broad and balanced curriculum for education recovery’ produced by the Department for Education in June 2021. We have adjusted our computing curriculum to focus on missed knowledge that is crucial for pupils’ next steps. At Bourn, we have assessed the most important areas to be algorithms, sequencing and online safety. Also prioritised is teaching children how to use digital devices confidently so they can focus on complex tasks, knowing how to use a keyboard effectively, and knowing the functions of each different type of device.

Therefore, for the 2021/22 academic year, the computing recovery curriculum follows the same path in each year group, with children first being taught progressively more complex keyboard skills.

Over the first two terms, children are taught the algorithms and sequencing unit from the previous year, before later moving on to the teaching for their current year. We know that this is an area that has been missed, so we have taken this decision to ensure that gaps are filled before moving on.

Online safety will also be covered across each year group, as well as how to search and research safely and effectively.

Each year group will also learn digital art skills, in order that a balance of computing skills and knowledge is taught during this year.

We anticipate that in the academic year of 2022/23, we will be able to resume the full range of computing learning, but know that as a result of not covering them this year, the children will take some time to achieve the same levels as they would have done otherwise.

 Curriculum Intent - Computing Computing Curriculum 22 - 23