Bourn Church of England Primary Academy

Bourn is a Growth Mindset School

The link below is to the slides from the Workshop held for parents on how to support children becoming resilient. Future workshops will cover Supporting Your Child through Big Emotions.   

Parent Workshop March 23 - Resilience

What is a mindset?

Research shows that there are different beliefs about ability: 

  • Fixed Mindset: intelligence is fixed and it can’t be changed; give up easily; failure or mistakes is proof that they are ‘no good at maths’ or are ‘rubbish at writing.’
  • Growth Mindset: ability and intelligence can be developed through effort, persistence and learning from mistakes; bounce back from difficulties because failure or mistakes are part of improving and learning.

At Bourn, we believe every child is capable of learning anything: we are a Growth Mindset School. The Growth Mindset principles support and develop the teaching and learning of pupils more than ever this year and will support them in doing great things!

Hard work, practice and making mistakes

We reinforce the concept of hard work and practice throughout all lessons, emphasising that mistakes are an inevitable part of the learning process. We teach children that effort is everything and nothing worthwhile comes without effort and attention. Children in Year 3 made posters to encourage themselves and each other, with one having the slogan, ‘easy is a waste of time!’. 

We actively build in time to review work and encourage children to self-regulate – deciding if they completed the work in the best way and where they could improve next time. An example of this in in a series of art lessons where Year 2 children were aiming to imitate Picasso line drawings. They constantly reviewed and improved their efforts, marking which ones they think were most successful.  

Teaching and assessing

Growth mindset lessons are actively taught in each year group, using lesson plans by Katherine Muncaster and Shirley Clarke, which is are based on the work of Carol Dweck.


Growth Mindset - Curriculum Overview