Bourn Church of England Primary Academy


The history curriculum at Bourn is based on the National Curriculum, and also a focus on the local area of Bourn, Cambridge and Cambridgeshire. Our local history units cover the history of Bourn Windmill, as well as covering the 'Baddies of Bourn'. These include Picot de Cambridge who in the 1070s knocked down local houses to build his own castle and as a result was described at the time by the Abbot of Ely as a 'dirty pig and an impudent dog'! In the 18th century, Riddy Lane (the road our school is on) was known to be 'infested with highwaymen'! One of our children was recently digging with friends on the footpath that the highwaymen were known to ride down and found the old pistol below - who knows who owned it previously! 

We worked with Historic England to become a Heritage School to develop our local history units As part of this, the The Young 'Uns, an award winning Folk Act, came to our school to work with us to write a song specifically about 'The Baddies of Bourn'. You can listen to the song by clicking the button below and read the lyrics here

'The Baddies of Bourn' by Bourn Primary and The Young 'Uns

We teach history through the use of 'Big Questions'. Children will be taught the knowledge they need in order to answer the Big Question at the end of the unit. We aim to equip children with the knowledge and curiosity to form their own opinions, and in upper Key Stage 2 

Please see the documents attached for the details of the units covered and the 'Big Questions.' 

 History Curriculum Progression 22-23Curriculum Intent - History 22-23