Bourn Church of England Primary Academy

Modern Foreign Languages 



The overarching aim of the Modern Foreign Languages curriculum at Bourn Primary Academy is for pupils to foster a deep interest in and appreciation for other cultures as they learn to understand and express themselves with increasing confidence in Spanish. At Bourn, we encourage children to explore the relationship between language and identity, to develop an international outlook and an enhanced understanding of the world and their place within it. The content of our curriculum is outward looking, ambitious and aims to ensure that children develop their understanding and natural curiosity of the cultural diversity of the world.

Pupils at Bourn Academy will develop specific knowledge of Spanish throughout Key Stage 2. They do so by learning phonics, grammar and vocabulary that build links with primary English and enable pupils to develop competence with reading, writing, speaking and listening. Learning a language equips pupils to express themselves in new ways and enriches pupils’ experience with cultural insights into other people’s lives. This builds a positive understanding of key features of personal and national identity, values and beliefs. This is invaluable for moving beyond stereotypical views of the culture of a country, and discovering that the similarities are as striking as the differences.

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