Bourn Church of England Primary Academy

Outdoor Learning


The overarching aim of the Outdoor curriculum at Bourn Primary Academy is to provide a safe environment for children to discover freely and explore a less structured space through direct contact with nature, both wild and tamed.
Our Outdoor curriculum is accessible to all children in the Nature Reserve, designated to outdoor learning where children can take risks and build relationships. It is hoped that this will improve confidence, raise self-esteem and ultimately deepen the children’s understanding of the world in which they live. All these life skills have the potential to transfer to every aspect of life.

Our desire is that children will experience independence, practise decision making skills, increase their social awareness and develop an awareness of their importance in the world around them. These outcomes are rooted in well-respected early pioneers such as Steiner, Montessori and Froebel.

Our aim is that children leave this school knowing

  • they are a valued individual with a skill set that can be adaptable in a wide variety of situations.
  • they are able to apply a positive mind-set and ‘can do’ approach.

Our aim is that children leave this school being able to

  • co-operate well with others
  • solve problems with increased independence
  • apply rational thinking to situations

Our aim is that children leave this school demonstrating

  • respect for each other
  • respect for the natural world around them (living and non-living)
  • enthusiasm for the physical challenges of outdoor play

The curriculum coverage ensures this in EYFS through continuous provision. Weekly planned activities for EYFS in the Nature Reserve enable children to thrive in their learning by experiencing a variety of different activities tailored to their needs. In KS1 and 2, children have access to the Nature Reserve to supplement their curriculum where appropriate. Teachers make use of the valuable opportunities outdoor learning provides and themes are integrated into teacher's planning each term. Both YEYFS and Year 1 have a dedicated outdoor learning space which supports their curriculum provision.