Bourn Church of England Primary Academy

Parent Surveys

Results of Parent Survey 2022

Thank you to everyone who responded to our recent parent survey, covering all aspects of school life.  We also asked for areas where you felt we could improve, and for positive feedback too. The full report can be accessed by clicking the button below. This includes a section outlining your suggestions and our response to these, including where we have made changes. 

You are also welcome to use the Ofsted Parent View website to give your feedback at any time. However, if you have any concerns about anything please do speak to us directly, by talking to your child’s class teacher, the Assistant Head Teachers or the Head Teacher.

Thank you for your positive comments!

  • Staff genuinely care about the children.  The team do a fantastic job and we are very grateful to them. 
  • I think the school as a whole and the staff individually are just doing an amazing job steering through this time. There is too much on your plates, not enough resources, or hours in the day to do it all but somehow you do it and I'm sure it must take a lot from your personally.
  • Thank you to all staff supporting my children since they started at the school last year, you've gone above and beyond to make it their happy place, even through the stress of covid restrictions.
  • We’re delighted with Bourn Primary and its inclusive/warm feel. Our children are thoroughly enjoying their learning and seem very engaged, and most importantly are having so much fun with it.
  • The school is a welcoming and friendly place. You have all been brilliant recently, checking in with how our son feels when he was sad.
  • A very caring place. Really like the welcome in the morning as we walk into school and I like the way I can raise any concerns if I need to on the way. Imaginative teaching. 
  • We are delighted to have found ourselves at Bourn Primary. Thank you for continuing to support my child with the extra support he needs to thrive. He has continued to flourish.
  • We think the school is fabulous at the caring side, & for this we are thankful. We think it is a great school and wish to move forward with getting back to normal.
  • The school excels at being caring & putting children’s mental health first. Kind and supportive teachers.
  • We are very grateful for all the class teachers, their skill and care as teachers has really shown. Support outstanding. Can’t thank you enough.
  • I think the school is run by an incredibly hardworking, dedicated, thoughtful, kind, and highly competent team.
  • Seeing the bus project moving and knowing the energy and love from which that has come is especially wonderful.
  • I think that the school has done an amazing job of staying open and continuing to keep such a positive mindset during the pandemic. The school seem to be doing a really great job at covering staff absences due to Covid. Great school, my son has made great progress and he became happier and more confident. 
  • Class teachers are very committed and supportive. The headteacher is approachable and devoted to the children’s wellbeing.
  • I feel so happy my son is part of a great school and community. Thanks
  • Staff have dealt with any concerns very quickly and effectively.
  • Great school lunches! Parent Survey - Report to Parents 2022

Results of Parent Survey 2021

Thank you to everyone who took part in our recent survey regarding remote learning. The survey also contains information on how we have improved our practice in light of certain requests and responses.

We asked for other feedback – thank you for your comments!

  • I just want the teacher (and all the staff) to know how much we appreciate all the work that is put in to make sure that the children are getting good input for each lesson and it is really well pitched. You have done, and continue to do, a magnificent job. Thank you.
  • Overall I think my child’s teachers are doing an absolutely splendid job and I really am impressed with how organised and well everything is working. I know the teachers probably feel awkward knowing us parents can hear them in the background but I’ve actually loved listening to them both talk to the class and how they interact with the children. I am so impressed with how they speak and connect to them all. Wonderful teachers! Thanks to everyone for your hard work. We really appreciate it.
  • The class team are just wonderful. The teacher’s phonics videos are beyond excellent. She is engaging & enthusiastic & my child loves watching & learning.
  • The calls have been a way for my child to feel comfortable putting her hand up to answer questions- unbelievable! The online reading books has been fabulous- my child has read over 50 books. Great team, great work!
  • YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I can’t begin to imagine the work you are all putting in to make this happen! Online lesson, plus kids in school is so hard – so thank you! The learning curve has been exponential and throw in 11th hour govt announcements, I can imagine it is all very hard – but the smiles and enthusiasm that comes across in the zoom calls are amazing! You may be paddling like anything underneath, but on top of the water – it all looks very calm and serene, which is perfect for the children!! So thank you! (It is also super lovely to see how the teacher interacts with my child – it is so delightful. I don’t think you see that in ‘normal school’ as parents aren’t in the classroom, so it is so warming to see the kindness and care shown!)
  • Thank you for brilliant, clear lessons which have been fun to do and well explained. Thank you for the Google meetings which he benefits from. You are doing a great job and use of Google classroom in this way has given homeschooling a clear structure so different from the first lockdown which has made it really enjoyable to have him at home. Thank you so much.
  • I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to the teacher. Her presentations are always well thought out and interesting. It is clear that she is working at home as well as her working day at school. She is going above and beyond and I believe this is true for all staff at Bourn. The class are continuing their spellings and mental maths and with the daily calls it feels we are more connected as a class this time around.
  • I would like to thank the teacher for the time and effort the teacher puts into the school’s work. My child thoroughly enjoys the daily story and it is clear she is doing this in her time after the school day. We look forward to daily phonics and given that there are 20+ excitable children who can’t mute / unmute / stop pressing buttons she is handling with more patience that a Saint. I am grateful for the loom sessions the teacher puts on, My child responds to these with much more enthusiasm and I am very appreciative of the time spent preparing for these.
  • Overall, I think the staff are doing an amazing job. All of the sessions have been fantastic and feel they are still managing to provide a good level of education. The pre recorded lessons and the follow-on activities have been really useful.
  • Thank you for your quick response to the setting up the remote learning programme and truly appreciate all the extra time and effort put in by the teachers especially in uploading the day before and responding to the queries all day!
  • An ENORMOUS thank you. I think the quality of the work has been excellent. What a HUGE achievement! Many thanks, also, for your encouraging whole-school emails, for the excellent Google Meets and for all the positive and constructive feedback on the schoolwork.

Parent Survey February 2021


Parent/Carer Survey 2019

Thank you to everyone who responded to the parent survey (100 responses) in July 2019. We are extremely pleased with the very positive response and a summary of the results can be found below. We are grateful for your comments and will be acting upon many of your suggestions to further improve the quality of provision at Bourn Primary.

Parent Survey 2019 Results


Favourable Unfavourable
Q2. My child is happy at school. 93% 7%
Q3. My child feels safe at school. 100% 0%
Q4. My child makes good progress at this school. 92% 8%
Q5. My child is well looked after at this school. 99% 1%
Q6. My child is taught well at this school. 94% 6%
Q7. My child receives appropriate homework for their age. 88% 12%
Q8. This school makes sure the pupils are well behaved. 97% 3%
Q9. This school deals effectively with bullying. 94% 6%
Q10. This school is well led and managed. 100% 0%
Q11. This school is a welcoming and pleasant place to visit. 99% 1%
Q12. I know who to go to at the school if I have a question or concern. 99% 1%
Q13. I find the teachers and headteacher approachable. 98% 2%
Q14. I know who the governors of the school are and how to contact them. 90% 10%
Q15. The school responds well to any concerns I raise. 95% 5%
Q16. I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress. 90% 10%
Q17. There are a good range of extra- curricular activities (Clubs) for my child to enjoy. 84% 16%
Q18. The school has a good reputation in the local community. 100% 0%
Q19. I would recommend Bourn Primary School to another parent? 99% 1%
Q20. The BSA offer a range of activities that suit pupils, parents and families. 99% 1%
Q21. I am informed about how I can support fundraising for the school. 100% 0%

Favourable = top three box scores, Unfavourable = bottom two boxes (Disagree/Strongly disagree)

We will be running another Parent Survey in 2021. Before then you are welcome to use the Ofsted Parent View website to give your feedback. However, if you have any concerns about anything please do speak to us directly, by talking to your child’s class teacher, the Assistant Head Teachers or the Head Teacher.

A note from the Governors

Thank you very much to all who returned the Parent Survey Forms and for the many positive comments received. The Governors have read and discussed your feedback which we appreciate and take very seriously. Many parents added comments to their survey responses and these have, and will continue to be, used to help interpret the results of the survey.
Just a brief reminder that the class Weekly Reviews can be found on the website each week. You can, of course, discuss any concerns you may have with your child’s teacher at any time.