Bourn Church of England Primary Academy

Bourn School Association

What do we Do?

Bourn School Association (BSA) is the name of our Parent Teacher Association (PTA).  The BSA is made up of parents, carers and teachers who meet regularly to plan the fundraising and social events that help to build and strengthen links between families, the school and the local community, as well as raising money to provide extra facilities and opportunities for the children.

PTAs are best known for their fundraising work, but they have a useful social function too. In the last couple of years we have held adult-only Quiz Nights and Bingo Nights and a popular Gin Tasting event. These have been great opportunities for parents, staff and friends of the school to get together and have a fun evening out while raising funds for the school. You can now pay for events or products online using this link:

For the children we run events such as  school discos, film nights, a magic shows, as well as seeing Secret Santa in his amazing grotto and the present room for Mother’s Day. Plus, of course, there are the summer and Christmas fêtes which we all – children, parents and staff – can enjoy.

We also organise smaller events and initiatives such as second-hand uniform sales, Freeze-Pop Fridays, 100 Club and themed non-uniform days.  A separate volunteer committee organises Bourn to Run, an annual 10k race, which raises substantial funds for the BSA, as well as providing a popular event for runners.

 The BSA also likes to support the school by regularly serving refreshments at events such as the Bourn Summer Concerts, the Christmas Plays, Sports Afternoon and the Grandparents’ Tea Concert.

Members of the BSA are also active members of the Bourn Book Bus Committee, a separate fundraising project to raise £30,000 in order to turn an old London double decker bus into an amazing fiction library for all our children.

If you prefer to help us by making a donation or by purchasing from companies who make a donation to our funds when you purchase from them or through them, take a look at our fundraising page.

Who Can Join?

All parents and carers of children at the school are automatically BSA members and are warmly invited to monthly BSA Committee Meetings and to offer help and ideas whenever they can. Pre-school children and babies are always very welcome. Meeting dates will be announced by email and are usually held on Fridays in the group room.

What Commitment is Required?

No formal commitment is required. Parents are encouraged to help as and when they can. Requests for help may be made in the newsletter or by email, especially around the time of our fêtes (our major fundraising events). Some parents are able to come into school during the day to help with the set-up; others are able to take things home to fold, number, wrap up or prepare in the evenings; some are able to offer their expertise by producing banners or promoting events, for example. All offers of help are always gratefully received.

What Do We Spend our Funds On?

The BSA works with the Headteacher to provide finance for areas not covered by the school’s standard budget. The main criterion is that areas to be funded should benefit as many children as possible.

Some of the more recent purchases and projects that have been supported or financed by the BSA include:

  • Musical instruments to allow more children to play during music lessons
  • A project to create a mosaic which the whole school contributed to -  the mosaic is now on the front wall of the school
  • a full refresh of the Key Stage 1 and Early Years Foundation Stage books;
  • a full refresh of and update of Key Stage 2 reading books;
  • introduction of Storytime Phonics scheme and resources;
  • the staggered replacement of class laptops so pupils can efficiently access the computing curriculum using up-to-date technology;
  • the staged replacement of classroom Smartboards and projectors with up-to-date touchscreen HD panels;

Throughout the course of the academic year the BSA contributes funding to the following:

  • maintenance of the swimming pool – the BSA committee feels that the children benefit so much from being able to swim regularly at school that we are keen to fund regular repairs and maintenance of the pool;
  • Year 6 leavers’ gifts and barbecue – each child in Year 6 receives a gift at the end of the year and we run a Year 6 barbecue to celebrate their time at Bourn Primary;
  • school trips and educational visitors – we give an annual allowance to each class every year for outings and trips that support children’s learning in class;
  • gardening club equipment – children across the school participate weekly in various gardening projects thanks to the support of a team of BSA volunteers;
  • maintenance of the nature reserve – this is a wonderful resource that the BSA is keen to keep accessible and safe for the children to use on a regular basis;
  • end of year treat – the BSA has introduced an annual treat for the children and their families to say thank you for their fundraising support;
  • School Council Budget – we have allocated a budget to the School Council, to be spent on new resources of its choice; this year, the children have chosen new playground resources.

Class Representatives

Each class has two parent representatives who provide a communication channel between the BSA committee, the school and parents on the playground Their role includes passing on information from the BSA to other parents in their child’s class and encouraging parents to support the BSA. They also help to recruit volunteers from their class to help in activities such as:

  • running a stall at the Christmas and Summer fairs
  • running a class cake stall
  • filling the tea and coffee rota for their class assembly

BSA reps attend a rep meeting once a term. Lead reps also attend the final BSA meeting of the term. They seek feedback from parents on BSA events and pass it on to the committee as well as helping to recruit a new class rep towards the end of the Summer Term to take over in the new academic year.

If you are unable to speak to your class rep at pick-up or drop-off, please email them via the BSA at

How Can You Keep Updated About BSA Events?

A BSA Newsletter is produced at the end of each term to keep everyone informed of forthcoming events and recent monies raised / expenditure. We also have a noticeboard at the school gates advertising all forthcoming events.

Please let us know about any ideas you may have to raise funds for our school, or if you would like to help in any other way. We can also be contacted via the school office or by email at

BSA Committee 2020-21

Voting Members:  Karima Sbitri (Secretary), Mimi Wheeler (Treasurer), Helen Garrad, Jen Hayes, Jo Oxley, Linda Fuller, Louisa Harvey, Dee Sturdy, Suzanne Church, Juliana Paradello