Bourn Church of England Primary Academy

Religious Education

 Our aim is for pupils to acquire knowledge and understanding of Christianity and the other principal religions represented in Great Britain. Religious Education plays a vital role in the general, personal, social, moral and spiritual development of every pupil.

Our aim is to make the teaching of Religious Education stimulating, interesting and challenging. As a Church of England school a greater proportion of time will be spent on Christianity but children also learn about the other major world faiths as well as Humanism. The curriculum progression is set out in the Overview document linked below. 

The RE scheme we follow is ‘The Emmanuel Project.’ This is supported by Cambridgeshire County Council’s ‘Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education (2018).’ which forms the legal basis for Religious Education in schools. The Project provides a set of enquiry based units covering Christianity and other world faiths for KS1 and KS2. Reference is frequently made to those who live out their beliefs, insights and values in their daily lives and within their communities. 

Legal Requirements 

RE is taught in accordance with the aims of the Cambridgeshire Agreed Syllabus. In accordance with the law we provide religious education for all pupils registered at the school. Parents are informed in the school prospectus that they have the right to withdraw their pupils from religious education, including to places of religious worship. Parents who choose to withdraw their children from Religious education lessons are required to state this in writing annually to the Headteacher. 

The school houses are named after four inspirational people and the pupils learn about them throughout their time at Bourn.

 Curriculum Intent -  RERE Curriculum Progression

RE Statement of Entitlement for Church Schools

Cambridgeshire Agreed Syllabus-2023-28