Bourn Church of England Primary Academy

School Council

Bourn has an active School Council, comprising of  two children from every year group (elected by their classmates), which provides an excellent opportunity for children to say what they think about ideas, as well as putting across ideas of their own to improve the School.

Examples of its impact have been the renovation of the changing rooms, the purchase and decoration of a ‘friendship bench’ in the playground, the choice of additional play equipment and the recommendation to introduce a distinctive, designated uniform for Year 6 pupils. The School Council is also responsible for selecting the charity we support each year as a whole school.

Recently, the School Council worked with the BSA to purchase of new equipment for the playground worth £500. The children are very much enjoying their new resources!



The School Council bought play equipment with money from the BSA,  for both KS1 and KS2 playtimes. They include foam footballs and foam rugby balls, skipping ropes and lots more! It has made our playtime much more enjoyable and we hope we can get some more play equipment soon. (Child in Year 6)