Bourn Church of England Primary Academy

Welcome to Bourn Primary Academy!


Whether you already have a child here, or if you are looking for a school for your child, I hope you will find this website full of useful information. 

We are a values based school. Everything we do is guided by our values of hope, courage, justice, forgiveness and friendship. We believe that each one of us is capable of great things. 

We aim to live and work hopefully, with a growth mindset that helps us believe that with hard work and positivity, we can achieve our potential. We know that we will make mistakes along the way, but we focus on getting it right rather than just 'being right'. Learning from mistakes and developing resilience are key skills for all our futures.

We view ourselves, not just as members of the school, but citizens of the world, and where we see things that are not as they should be – in the classroom, playground or wider society, we aim to have the courage to take action. 

Everything we do, we do in friendship. We take personal relationships seriously and work hard at making sure we listen to each other’s point of view, and offer and receive forgiveness when it is needed. 

We are a Church of England School and these Christian values hold true for people of all faiths and none. We have children at our school from a wide range of ethnic and religious backgrounds and all are welcomed and valued. Approximately 30% of our children come from different ethnic backgrounds, and at the last count, over 32 languages are spoken in our families. Many of our children are bilingual in languages as diverse as Spanish, German, Tamil, Chinese, Croatian and Hindi.

The natural world is important to us and this is evident around the school. The names of all our classes are tree themed, as is our school logo. We have an amazing Nature Reserve and each class has an allotment bed to grow food and flowers in.

Our curriculum is rich and exciting. It guides children through the knowledge of each subject, but also builds on what has been learned before in different subjects. We make links, we help children question and come to their own conclusions. We aim to help children understand that making the world a better place is in their hands. 

The different pages of this website will give you a rich insight to our school, its facilities and its curriculum. It also provides lots of practical information about the school day and how parents can help their child, and how we can help parents. 

Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Laura Latham, Headteacher