Applying for a Place at Bourn Primary Academy

All parents are advised to read the “First Steps – Admission to Primary School: a guide for parents 2020-2021” booklet before submitting an application for a Reception place, or for “in-year” applications look at “In Year Application Information”. There is also information on ‘Starting Primary School’. This information is published by Cambridgeshire County Council and provides parents with all they need to know about the admissions process for Bourn Primary Academy and about Cambridgeshire maintained schools.

It is also advisable to read the Bourn Primary Admissions Policy.

Further information about how to apply for a school place is available from the County Council website: Applying for a School Place for children starting at the beginning of the school year, and also In-year admissions.

Bourn Primary has places available for children in various year groups. Please contact the office for more information.

Bourn Primary School’s entry in “First Steps – Admission to Primary School 2019-2020”