Collective Worship

Our School Prayer

Dear LORD, our heavenly father,
You called your disciples friends,
Help us to encourage each other in friendship as we learn together
You are willing to forgive us when we ask,
Help us to show forgiveness when we feel wronged and help us work to make things better
You love justice,
Help us to care about justice and give us courage to do what is right
You are the God of Hope,
Give us hope, that with your help, we can do great things
We pray for our school community and everyone connected with it.
Thank you that you promise to hear us when we pray. AMEN.

Collective Worship forms an important part of the life of Bourn Primary. It provides opportunities to develop religious and moral awareness by celebrating both what God has done through Jesus Christ and what the pupils have achieved and experienced.

The aim at Bourn Primary is that all children will live the values and vision of the School and will become well-organised, confident, self-motivated, outward looking and socially aware. This will be achieved through a planned programme of collective worship which is based on these values and vision.


Collective Worship is conducted in a dignified and respectful way. Children understand that this is a period of reflection, regarded as a special time and that they should be thoughtful, listen carefully to what is said and participate in singing.

The themes of collective worship are taken from the School’s values and vision, and traditions of the Christian faith. The themes often reflect the festivals and events of the Christian calendar. Sometimes the themes of the assemblies reflect and build on topics that are taught as part of the School curriculum.

The collective worship on a Friday reflects the achievements and learning of the children. Children are encouraged to participate by showing their work to the other children and raising issues that they have discussed in their classes. Parents, members of the community and Governors are encouraged to attend. See the Community Assemblies page.

We expect all children to attend daily collective worship. Any parent/carer can request permission for their child to be excused from attending religious worship and the School will make alternative arrangements for the supervision of the child during the period concerned. Parents/carers do not have to explain or give reasons for this. Parents/carers may also withdraw their child from RE lessons. This complies with the 1988 Education Reform Act.