Members of Staff


Head Teacher Mrs L. Latham
Assistant Head Teachers Mrs H. Culley and Mrs S. Wheatman

Teaching Staff

Key Stage 1 Acorn (Reception) Mrs E. Tagger and Mrs R. McInerney
Willow (Year 1) Mrs J. Balls
Hazel (Year 2) Miss K. Hensleigh
Key Stage 2 Cedar (Year 3) Miss S. Nutland
Rosewood (Year 4) Miss H. Ivory
Cherry (Year 5) Mrs K. Faulkner and Mrs C. Gawthrope
Maple (Year 6) Mrs H. Culley and Mrs. S. Wheatman
Music Teacher Mrs S. Armitage
P.E. Provision Mr. C. Gawthrope
Special Educational Needs Mrs K. Faulkner
Teaching Assistants Miss M. Baig Mrs A. Buga
Mrs K. Cox Mrs J. Ford
Mrs G. Lilley Mrs K. Lutkin
Mrs R. Noble Miss E.Simmons
Mrs J. Taylor Mrs M. Verwoerd

Non-Teaching Staff

School Administrator Mrs D. Paul
Business Manager Mrs Y. Dougherty
Finance Assistant Mrs L. Cordingley
Site Manager Mr. T. Garner
Cleaning Staff Mr. J. Neville Ms F. Neville
Bourn Bistro Staff Miss A. Bumstead Mrs L. Clarke
Mrs B. Delmas Miss L. Dean
Mrs C. Easy Miss F. Neville
Midday Coordinator Mrs M. Verwoerd
Midday Supervisors Miss M. Baig Mrs K. Cox
Mrs J. Ford Mrs K. Lutkin
Mrs J. Taylor