Introduction to Bourn Primary

Welcome to Bourn Primary Academy. We are a happy, welcoming and caring Church of England school where we value each individual for who they are. The school is set in the village of Bourn and serves children and families from the catchment villages of Bourn, Caxton, Kingston, Longstowe and beyond; a large rural area of about 24 square miles. We are proud to be part of this community and enjoy links with local organisations, particularly the church in Bourn, St Helena and St Mary’s. Bourn Primary is built on the edge of the village, adjacent to open fields. It is within walking distance from most of the village and is in the catchment area of Comberton Village College. It is also part of the Network CB23 group of schools.

There is a strong family feel to Bourn, with involved and considerate parents, the hardworking and very effective Bourn School Association, dedicated and talented staff, an effective and committed Governing Body and, of course, our thoughtful, compassionate and enthusiastic children. This is seen in action in our weekly Community Collective Worship on a Friday morning, where children present and perform, awards are presented, our orchestra plays. Afterwards, there is an opportunity for tea and chat for the 60 plus people who regularly attend.

Each one is capable of great things

We are a hopeful school. We have a positive approach to all things and we can achieve the best outcomes in all things when we apply hard work, creativity, courage and optimism. We aim to ‘learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow’ (Albert Einstein) and this runs through how we work with the children.

Central to our vision is the belief that each one of us is capable of great things. The unknown potential of each child is one of the most exciting aspects of teaching and we represent this in name of ‘Acorn Class’, where our reception children start their incredible journey through school.

The greatest Oaks have been little Acorns’ (Thomas Fuller)

Our school logo demonstrates this with a child standing jubilantly on an acorn, reaching skywards. Love of nature is a strong theme which runs through our school; each of the classes are named after trees which stand in our grounds, we have our own mini allotment and a Nature Reserve where children study nature, pond dip or make dens.

We aim to challenge each one of our children to achieve the best they can. We personalise our approach in doing so; for some children this is done with lots of extra support and for others this might involve carefully chosen activities to extend their initial responses. All children receive rich learning opportunities designed both to develop their knowledge and understanding of a wide range of subjects, and to support them in developing positive learning behaviours and inter-personal skills.

Our vision and our values underpin our curriculum and guide our decisions with regard to what to teach and how to teach it. It is based on four cornerstones:

  • knowledge – the content of what is taught;
  • skills – the abilities needed to do something;
  • mindset – the approach to learning and life;
  • relationships – inter-personal, social and emotional skills.

The curriculum, both taught and that which children receive outside the classroom, aims to equip children to be aware of their place in the world and be prepared for the next stage in their life.

All children at Bourn are members of one of four Houses, named after inspirational individuals, the ‘House Heroes and Heroines’, who changed the world for the better and who embody our values. Children earn merits for their house when they display positive attitudes and behaviours. These merits are collected weekly by the Year 6 House Captains and are shared in Friday’s Community Collective Worship. We also have an Eco Council and a focus on being an environmentally aware school. Through these opportunities, and others within classroom teaching, our children become confident and articulate communicators. We expect them to take an interest in the world around them and to have a developing awareness of broad social and ecological issues and to understand that they, even as children, have the power and ability to make the world a better place.


Bourn Primary is a well maintained, single storey brick building consisting of seven classrooms, an art studio, a music room, small groups rooms, a library and a kitchen where the lunches are cooked each day. There is a central hall which serves as a gym, dining area and assembly area that is equipped with stage and lighting for drama and musical productions. Each of the classrooms is equipped with IT technology such as smart-boards, laptops and tablets for pupil use. The Bourn School Association helps to fund many of the improvements we carry out each year.
Extensive playing fields and play areas surround the school, with space for team sports and a running track. The two hard-play areas have tennis, netball and basketball courts for Physical Education. There is a heated outdoor swimming pool with its own, recently refurbished, changing rooms.

Music provision is one of our great strengths. We have a large orchestra which plays in public at least once a week and two choirs, one for each key stage. Individual music tuition is offered in Key Stage 2 for most instruments. In Key Stage 1 all pupils learn to play the recorder.

We look forward to welcoming you to Bourn Primary.
To find out more please call 01954 719282 or contact us at, or see more information about applying for a place at Bourn Primary.

Brief history of the school

There has been a history of education in Bourn village from 1520. From 1819 boys were taught in the church tower and girls received a more limited education in a nearby cottage. The church and the hall combined to build a fine school in 1866, designed for 144 children. Within three years 81 children were attending, paying 2d, 3d or 6d for their schooling. The old school was closed in 1958 when the current building was established in The Riddy. The old school became the village hall which has recently been extended and improved and we are very proud of our “new” school which has also seen many changes and improvements over the last 60 years.

More information about the village can be found on the Bourn village site.