Bourn Primary in the Community

It is important that the school is embedded into our village, our local Cambridgeshire community and also into the wider global community. Throughout the school year there are many opportunities for members of our community to visit the school as well as for pupils to extend their learning by helping outside the school area.

Bourn School Association (BSA), which is our Parent Teacher Association (PTA), organises regular social events and in the last couple of years have held Quiz Nights, Bingo Nights and a popular Gin Tasting event. These have been great opportunities for parents, staff and friends of the school to get together and have a fun evening out while raising funds for the school.

Our musical pupils often perform in local old people’s homes and at the village fete, as well as trips further afield to London. Once a year the School invites older village people to visit us for an afternoon of tea and cakes where children perform for them and show their latest work.

Often we have visitors from other countries who come to the school to tell us about their homeland and once a year the school hosts an international week where each class learns about a particular country in detail. We also host an annual science week where visitors from the wider community are invited to come and give talks or demonstrations to the children.

Since we have close ties to our local church, the pupils visit the church for services during the year, including a carol service and a harvest festival.

One of our largest events within the community is Bourn to Run, where people from further afield come to take part.

In year 4 and year 6 our pupils visit an outward-bound centre for a few days to partake of learning in a different environment.