Charity of the Year: Build Africa

Each academic year the School selects a charity to support through fundraising events and activities. In September the children research different charitable organisations and choose one they think the School should raise money for. Each child presents their research to their class and then a vote is held to help them to develop their knowledge and understanding of democracy.

These charities are then presented to the whole school during a collective worship session and the School Council has the final say on which charity is selected.

Build Africa

This year, with the advent of the House System at school, we have done things slightly differently and each House is supporting a Child Ambassador at the charity Build Africa.

Build Africa is an African education charity which believes in the power of education to help to end poverty. They work to give children the education they need and fight the inequalities that stand in their way, partnering with remote and rural communities where children are leaving school without vital basic skills.

Build Africa runs a ‘child ambassador‘ scheme rather than traditional child sponsorship. This is because poverty is a complex issue that affects entire communities, so they make sure that our support goes towards wider work and not just one individual, which can cause jealousy.

Build Africa focuses on giving often vulnerable children the right infrastructure, resources, quality teaching and parental support to help them get the most from their time at school and go on to lead productive, healthy and happy lives.

For more information, please visit their website:

Lisa Kent Trust

As a school we are also partnering with the Lisa Kent Trust this year, which is a local charity run from Elsworth dedicated to giving children in The Republic of The Gambia the education that they deserve. We have already sent a large number of learning books to a school in The Gambia as a gift and we hope to do more. Read their most recent newsletter here.