Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 Activities

StoryTime Phonics

StoryTime Phonics is an exciting and engaging experience for children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 that teaches phonics in line with the Letters & Sounds Framework. With EYFS and Year 1, pupils follow the StoryTime Phonics programme daily. In Year 2, there is a continuation and revision of the sounds previously learnt through spelling.

StoryTime Phonics is a fantastic way to engage children in phonics and reading as it uses well-known and highly-regarded children’s fiction books to exemplify and embed the sounds that the children are learning. The scheme uses online resources, storytelling, props and engaging literature to develop children’s phonological awareness and comprehension whilst, at the same time, inspiring children’s imagination and creativity.

Click on the video below to see more about StoryTime Phonics:

We understand that the terminology we use when teaching phonics can be quite confusing. To help you support your child at home, we have included some of the key terms below.

  • Phoneme: a single unit of sound
  • Grapheme: a written letter, or group of letters, that represent a sound
  • Digraph: two letters that make one sound (e.g. sh, ch,ai, er, ou, ow)
  • Split digraph – two letters that make one sound but the letters have been split apart by another letter (e.g. a_e as in ‘cake’)
  • Trigraph – three letters that make one sound (e.g. igh, ear, air, ure)
  • Blend: to put or merge sounds together to make a word
  • Segment: to break down the words into its individual sounds to spell
  • Sound buttons: ways of visually isolating different sounds in a word

Do feel free to come in and talk to us if you require any further support. Please make sure you check the calendar for phonics and reading events!