Year 1 – Willow Class

Welcome to Class Willow! You can learn more about our learning this year on the Curriculum page.


Below you will find the home learning packs provided earlier this year. We have left these on the website so that you are able to access them again at any time, should you wish to do so.

Home Learning 2021 – all home learning has now moved over to google classroom

Willow: 13-15 January
Resources for Art and Phonics will be added tomorrow morning. 

Willow: 11-12 January
Resource: What is History?

More home learning will be sent out, and be uploaded here, on Wednesday.

Willow: 6-8 January

Home Learning June & July 2020

Week 8 – End of Term Activities

Week 7 – Space (Timetable)
Additional Resources – History (Neil Armstrong), Science Solar System Cut Out
Week 7 – Space (Activities)

Week 6 – Music (Timetable)
Week 6 – Music (Activities)

Week 5 – Around the World (Timetable)
Additional Resources: The Arctic, The Antarctic, Antarctic Explorers, Brave Explorers’ Job Advert
Week 5 – Around the World (Activities)

Week 4 – Significant People (Timetable)
Additional Resources: Martin Luther King, We are all different (PSHE)
Week 4 – Significant People (Activities)

Week 3 – The Rainforest (Timetable)
Week 3 – The Rainforest (Activities)

Week 2 – Sport (Timetable)
Week 2 – Sport (Activities)

Week 1 – Under the Sea
Year 1 – Geography – Oceans and continents

previous Home Learning Packs

We have prepared home learning packs for your child(ren) so that they are able to continue with their learning whilst school is closed. Please read the overview which explains how to use the resources. We hope that these are helpful during this time.

Home Learning Projects Overview

Week 1 – My Family
Week 2 – Where I Live
Week 3 – Viewpoints
Week 4 – Animals
Week 5 – Environment
Week 6 – Food
Week 7 – Celebrations

High-quality, sequenced video lessons available from Oak National Academy and BBC Bitesize Daily.

Click here for GenR8 Resources for ‘The Feeding of the 5000’.
Click here for GenR8 Resources for ‘The Good Samaritan’.
Click here for GenR8 Resources for ‘The Parable of the Lost Sheep’