Year 6 – Maple Class

Welcome to Maple Class! As the eldest children here at Bourn, we take on a variety of responsibilities around the school and our proud of the role we play to help those around us. You can learn more about our learning this year on the Curriculum page.

Click here for further information on Maple Class from our recent Welcome Evening.

Home Learning June 2020

For pupils going to Cambourne Village College, click here.
For pupils going to Comberton Village College, you should have received a transition booklet to complete for the next two weeks. Please complete your transition activities first. You do not have to complete the school timetable as well but it has been included below should you choose to do some of the activities. 

Week 6 – Music (Timetable)
Additional Resources: Building Tension in Stories, Tune Booster Science Experiment
Week 6 – Music (Activities)

Week 5 – Around the World (Timetable)
Additional Resources: Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)
Week 5 – Around the World (Activities)

Week 4 – Significant People (Timetable)
Additional Resources: Maths Investigation Jigsaw (includes solution so no peeking!), DNA Activities, Important Figures in ComputingHistory of Fairground Rides
Week 4 – Significant People (Activities)

Week 3 – The Rainforest (Timetable)
Additional Resources: Planning Template; Checklist; Y6 Reading Comprehension; Y7 Reading Comprehension
Week 3 – The Rainforest (Activities)

Week 2 – Sport (Timetable)
Week 2 – Sport (Activities)
PPT – Apostrophes

Week 1 – Under the Sea
Year 6 Narrative Writing PPT
Year 6 Modal Verbs PPT

Previous Home Learning Packs

We have prepared home learning packs for your child(ren) so that they are able to continue with their learning whilst school is closed. Please read the overview which explains how to use the resources. We hope these are helpful during this time.

Home Learning Projects Overview

Week 1 – My Family
Week 2 – Where I Live
Week 3 – Viewpoints
Week 4 – Animals
Week 5 – Environment
Week 6 – Food
Week 7 – Celebrations

The results of the recent Times Tables Rockstars Battle:

Congratulations Maple – it was a close call!

We also strongly recommend following the daily lessons from the new BBC Bitesize Daily or Oak National Academy. We suggest completing an English, Maths and at least one other subject every week day. We also recommend the following site for home lessons for Maths. You do not have to visit ALL of these sites or complete ALL tasks – choose what is right for you!

Click here for GenR8 Resources for ‘The Feeding of the 5000’.
Click here for GenR8 Resources for ‘The Good Samaritan’.
Click here for GenR8 Resources for ‘The Parable of the Lost Sheep’