Cycling to school

We have been developing cycling at Bourn Primary Academy and have been delighted to see more children cycling to and from school.

The children’s safety when cycling is paramount. As Bourn Primary Academy is a British Cycling Go Ride School it is mandatory for the children to wear helmets in all sessions while at school.

To promote safety awareness in cycling we are adopting a policy for all young riders who wish to ride to and from school which states that children who wish to have their bike on school premises must:

  • have written permission from a parent / guardian to that effect
  • wear a helmet to and from school
  • not ride their bikes on school grounds unless supervised by an appropriate member of staff
  • dismount on their journey to school at the lower gate (due to high volume of pedestrian and vehicular traffic)
  • remount at the lower gate for their homeward journey.

The recommendations on the British Cycling website regarding purchasing a helmet are outlined below:
“If you’re buying a helmet here are some golden rules:

  • Make sure that your helmet has a CE sticker on the inside and complies with Euro standard EN1078.
  • Make sure your helmet fits correctly – always try before you buy and go to a reputable bike shop that is willing to spend time with you to select the right size, shape and style for you.
  • Buy a helmet that you look and feel good in – you’re more likely to wear it.
  • Keep your helmet with your bike so it’s always ready when you are.
  • Check your helmet regularly for cracks or other defects.
  • If you have a crash and bash your helmet, replace it. Many manufacturers offer a cut price replacement scheme.”

We also highly recommend the use of helmets for scooter riders and these must be dismounted at the lower gate and not ridden on the school grounds.

Finally parents/carers should be aware that the school bike shed is of course unsupervised during the school day and therefore bicycles and scooters are left there at their own risk and should be locked.

If any additional advice is needed on any issue regarding safe cycling please feel free to contact the School Office.

In upper Key Stage 2, the children undertake a Bikeability programme to teach them safety on the roads.