The children lead active lives in school and therefore it is recommended that practical and sensible clothes and black shoes (not open-toed sandals or long boots) are worn.  School uniform is worn by all children.

Children should wear a royal blue jumper or  cardigan with a blue polo shirt with black or grey trousers (not jeans or leggings), shorts, skirt or pinafore. Year 6 children wear red jumpers or cardigans and polo shirts. Trousers should be in a traditional school style and skirts should be approximately knee-length. Only children in Year 6 wear red uniform.

In summer, dark-coloured traditional school style shorts or blue or red (Year 6) checked dresses can be worn. Other coloured shirts, jumpers and cardigans are not to be worn.

All children should wear sensible, black shoes. Children may bring a change of boots to wear outdoors during wet weather.

At present, due to Covid restrictions, children are not using school changing rooms therefore, pupils should come to school in their P.E. kits on the days when they have P.E.  For P.E. all children require blue or black coloured shorts, a black P.E. shirt and trainers. For outdoor games, boots or trainers and a change of socks are essential, as well as dark-coloured jogging bottoms and a warm top in the winter months. Long hair (boys and girls) must be tied back.

School uniform and book bags can be purchased online at www.mapac.com.  This includes shorts and T-shirts required for P.E.

Second hand uniform is available from the Bourn School Association at various times during the year and often during Friday community assemblies.

During the summer we make full use of our heated outdoor swimming pool, so your child will need a costume, towel and a suitable bag. Armbands are provided by the School. It is advised that verrucae should be covered and long hair (both boys’ and girls’) must be tied back or plaited.

It is important that every item of your child’s property is named.
One particular name label producer, Stikins Labels, will make a percentage donation to the School from your order, should you wish to use them. You can find information about them on the fundraising page.

The wearing of jewellery or nail varnish in School is strongly discouraged. For safety reasons all jewellery must be removed before P.E., games and swimming lessons.