Music is a very important part of our school life. So many of you are talented musicians, singers and composers that we wanted to make sure you’re able to access some fun musical activities whilst we’re away from school. Check here weekly for challenges, quizzes and fun tasks to keep you busy! See below for Challenge 1! Send your entries to:



LEVEL 1 – find at least one musical item/element to fit each letter of the alphabet. You might find more! It could be an instrument, a composer, a singer, a band or group, a title of a song or piece of music, a musical word/terminology such as a dynamic instruction, a note value name, a musical expression etc.

LEVEL 2 – write a sentence or two giving some details about your item/element. Describe the instrument or draw it, give some information about the composer, singer, band or group, name the composer of a song or piece of music and what it is about, explain the musical word/terminology so you know exactly what it means.