Musical Challenge

Music is a very important part of our school life. So many of you are talented musicians, singers and composers that we wanted to make sure you’re able to access some fun musical activities whilst we’re away from school. Check here weekly for challenges, quizzes and fun tasks to keep you busy! See below for Challenge 2! Send your entries to:



  • learn your favourite nursery rhyme off by heart then put actions to it and perform it to your family/friends.
  • Teach your family/friends to do it.
  • Write out your nursery rhyme and decorate it with pictures and send to Mrs Culley letting her know who you taught it to. Let her know if you learnt one from a friend or family member too.


  • Learn your favourite pop or musical song off by heart then record it if you can with actions and perhaps a costume and share with your friends and family.
  • Do a live performance to your family/friends.
  • Send in an account of what you sang and how you performed it. How easy or hard was it? How long did it take you to perfect it? Who did you perform it to and how did it go? Did you see any performances from friends and if so what did they perform?


  • Organise a family/friends karaoke evening. If sharing with family/friends via video, each family or set of siblings could be a pop group if people don’t want to perform individually.
  • Send in an account of how you organised the event, who took part, what they performed and how they did. Perhaps send some photos/screenshots.

Send all accounts to Mrs Culley ( but no videos please as they tend to be too large for the website – sorry. Please ensure you have everyone’s permission to use the photos/screenshots they are in and ensure they know they might be put up on the school’s website.