Weekly Reviews and Awards

On this page, we celebrate all our achievements – from learning to ride a bike, mastering a new skill, completing something tricky or discovering a new talent! Send evidence of your achievements to hculley@bourn.cambs.sch.uk

Marietjie took this lovely photograph of the sunflowers in the vegetable patch! They look so happy and cheerful she wanted you all to see them!

Congratulations to Rishabh who participated in the Delancey Chess Challenge. He is now in the finals and super excited for them! Good luck Rishabh!


Sadie created this beautiful digital collage after a visit to the Botanic Gardens!

Matthew made model of the Space X which recently took the astronauts to the ISS. Isn’t it fantastic?

Look at Elin’s Lockdown Science Project! She drew her outline on a piece of wallpaper and then researched and drew most of her body organs (and a few bones) to approximately the right scale! Awesome effort!

Vishnu studied the Great Barrier Reef last week and created a huge collage using fabric, paint, corrugated card board, paper, markers, felt and craft straws. Isn’t it absolutely amazing?!

Here are Elin and her mum taking part in the 2.6 Challenge. Elin did pogo sticking for 2.6 minutes her mum juggled for 2.6 minutes! Excellent skills!

Shrirang made a balloon racing car using cardboard, a straw, a balloon, milk bottle top and masking tape! Fantastic work!

Molly from Cherry Class has produced an incredible amount of work on our recent homelearning topic of ‘Food’. What a fantastic effort Molly! We love the sound of that milkshake!

Congratulations to Freddie who is now a qualified drone pilot! Here he is, launching the drone! Well done Freddie.




An amazing achievement by Sam and Daisy this week who completed a half marathon over 5 runs to raise money for Emmaus. They raised a fantastic £302! What a superb effort – well done guys!









The children at Bourn Club made some book characters from potatoes! Aren’t they fabulous?

Watch Helio’s amazing achievements on the trampoline!

Driya would like to share with the school that she has learnt to make her own plait! She has now been doing her hair by herself most mornings – she has shown real perseverance to learn this skill! Well done, Driya!

Betty has learnt to make cups of tea! Now, that is a useful skill!

Children in Bourn Club helped light a fire and toasted marshmallows!

William has learnt how to drive his own tractor!

Ava and her brother Hugo showed real determination to complete a papier mache bumble bee!

Milena doesn’t need any help in the kitchen! Here she is creating lemon drizzle cake, vanilla cupcakes with lemon buttercream, lemon cupcakes with fondant, apple buns, coconut biscuits and some Polish dumplings called ‘pierogi’, which the family all made together. Wow! Fantastic baking, Milena!

Look at the home Cameron from Acorn Class has built from construction straws! Amazing work, Cameron!

Miss Neville has completed a set of these creative projects! Aren’t they beautiful?

The children at Bourn Club learnt how to make a smoothie…

And Mrs Taylor learnt the hard way how to use a blender!

The Garrad family welcome Baby Harry! Congratulations!

Children in Bourn Club playing hide and seek exceptionally well – can you see them anywhere? Look very carefully!

Archie made his own Snakes and Ladders game!