Weekly Reviews

Every week, each class will post a Weekly Review. These describe all the learning that has taken place each week and the exciting things to look forward to! As school is very different at the moment and parents and carers are unable to come in, we have included lots of photographs so that you can see what we have been up to!

Please find the Weekly Review for each class below:


At Bourn, we have Values Awards. These are awarded to children who have demonstrated one of our School Values: Hope, Courage, Justice, Friendship and Forgiveness. These are awarded on Friday and announced (virtually) by Mrs Latham! We also have Presentation Awards. These are for children who have worked hard on the presentation of their work.

Values Award Winners this week:

Acorn: Theo O and Hugo
Willow: Ranaldo and Juliana
Hazel: Booky and Annabelle
Cedar: Sean and Lily Mai
Rosewood: Rhys and Flora
Cherry: Katie and Amelie
Maple: Azra and FJ

Presentation Award Winners this week:

Acorn: Valentina and Imogen H
Willow: Lauren and Callum
Hazel: Jonathan and Ethan
Cedar: Ava and Bo
Rosewood: Daisy and Isabel
Cherry: Cora and Izzy
Maple: Ellie and Sadie

Well done everyone!