Whole School Competition Corner!

Uniting us all whilst we’re away from school is really important – we want to find lots of different ways to stay in touch and share some positivity! To start us off, we have produced this musical message from us all! We hope you enjoy it! Click on the image below..

Furthermore, this page will introduce new school-wide competitions every week. Read on for the first challenge…

Rainbow with Clouds Clip Art | rainbow with clouds clip art ...

Well done and thank you to all our wonderful Rainbow entries this week!

Special commendations this week go to Gabriel for his amazing Skittles rainbow, Maddie’s effort for her rainbow pebbles and Molly’s inventive Barbie rainbow!

Details of next week’s competition will be available at the end of the day so check back soon!

A beautiful rainbow bracelet!

Can you guess whose rainbow this is?

 What an amazing, colourful collection!

A rainbow of tulips – what beautiful flowers!

A rainbow of cars!

A cluster of rainbows using pom poms, water colours, vegetables and K’nex!

A gorgeous floral rainbow!

A rainbow flower!

An imaginative nature rainbow!

Miss Ivory created a Rainbow Wordle!

A very artistic rainbow with a very important message!

Cleaned and decorated pebbles from Bourn Brook to make a pebble rainbow!

A rainbow of ice-lollies – delicious!

Gabriel made a rainbow of Skittles – watch how he created it! Wow!

A fabric rainbow and inspirational message

A pencil rainbow by Amelie 

Mrs Culley’s random rainbow!