Whole School Competition Corner!

Uniting us all whilst we’re away from school is really important – we want to find lots of different ways to stay in touch and share some positivity! To start us off, we have produced this musical message from us all! We hope you enjoy it! Click on the image below..

Challenge 2 – Bake Off!

Cupcake Cupcakes Clipart Cake Sale Graphics Illustrations - Bake ...

Well done and thank you to all our imaginative Bake Off entries this week!

Special commendations this week go to Joel for his excellent origami, Rishabh for his imaginative cupcakes and Elin for creating an incredibly realistic main course and dessert!

Details of next week’s competition will be available at the end of the day so check back soon!

Elin has made a delicious looking main course and dessert. Look closely though…I’m not sure they will taste as good as they look!

An origami feast! A lot kinder to the waistline than the original version…!

A cupcake station!

Excellent use of train tracks and trains!


Avish created an amazing Lego cupcake!

 A pencil and pencil shaving cupcake and a cupcake collage!

Miss Ivory had made some delicious chocolate nests. What a shame we can’t share these in the staffroom!

Shrirang also made a cupcake collage!

Some pink Gluten Free cupcakes in the shape of a cupcake!

Rishabh made some delicious looking cupcakes…don’t be fooled though as they are made from play dough, cotton wool and mouth fresheners!

Eleni and Rocco made salt dough blueberry, chocolate chip and Lebkuchen cookies this week!

 Lemon drizzle cake, vanilla cupcakes with lemon buttercream, lemon cupcakes with fondant, apple buns, coconut biscuits and some Polish dumplings called ‘pierogi’! Wow!

Banana Bread!