Weekly Reviews and Awards

Whole School Competition Corner!

Uniting us all whilst we’re away from school is really important – we want to find lots of different ways to stay in touch and share some positivity! To start us off, we have produced this musical message from us all! We hope you enjoy it! Click on the image below..

Challenge 3 – Pet Project!

271,296 Cat Stock Vector Illustration And Royalty Free Cat Clipart

This week, we challenge you to create a house, hotel, village or an amenity for an animal of your choice. It could be for a beloved pet or a mini beast! You could create a minibeast motel, a spa for your cat or an assault course for your dog! Send entries to hculley@bourn.cambs.sch.uk

Aarohi made a very colourful lion mask and…

…and built a teepee to house her Lion King kingdom! Awesome work!

Shrirang has made a ‘safe animal zoo’. He used compost and grass, watering it every day for the grass to grow! What dedication!

Nathanael has made a big cub assault challenge! I think I spy its first competitor!

Rishabh made a fantastic cat house and decorated with items from his craft box!

Betty and Wilf made a bug hotel with lots of old leaves, sticks and pinecones! Great job!

Elin made a hedgehog house out of an old wine crate. She then filled it with hay and a plate of cat food and tucked it away in a corner for the hedgehogs to find. Loving the hair too, Elin!

Maddy (Willow Class) made a hedgehog house at the end of the garden. We used logs, bricks, leaves, twigs and pine cones.

We learned that you shouldn’t feed hedgehogs bread and milk as it makes them poorly but they love cat food and mealworms!

Here’s Krisha from Willow Class with her new friend!